Jeff Baird
On the geophysical aspect of UXO investigations, Jeff Baird has extensive experience in the roles of both the Project and QC Geophysicist on over 40 UXO investigations / remediation projects since 1997. Jeff’s involvement in UXO projects beyond the strict role of geophysicist has allowed him to review and observe all aspects of a UXO project providing a unique ability to understand the technical, financial, and scheduling requirements, objectives, and expectations of all phases of a UXO project.
Jeff has a B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
Jeff Baird has been directly responsible for project and program management of over 200 private industry and Federal projects since 1987. Jeff has owned and operated Risk Reduction Resources, Inc. since January 2002. Jeff has 20 years of coordinating project actions, and maintaining a successful record of projects involving environmental 
investigations, risk assessments, and remedial actions in chemical, radiological, and unexploded ordnance. Jeff brings extensive experience in contract management (both Corporate and Federal), and fully understands the requirements of maintaining open communications and coordination with Client’s goals and expectations.